Main film jury of EHO 14' / 2023

Dear audience, We present to you the members of the jury, which will announce the winners of the film program, in most competition categories of this year's 14th edition of Eho Mountain Film Festival:

Maja Muhic is a professor of cultural studies and cultural anthropology at the University of Southeast Europe. She received her doctorate in philosophy in Skopje, and her master's degree in cultural anthropology at the University of Cambridge, England, as well as gender studies and culture in Budapest. In her academic career, she also stayed at other renowned universities such as the University of Santa Barbara and Berkeley, California. She has published many papers in philosophical and anthropological journals in the fields of post-colonial theory, identity politics, multicultural theories and intercultural competences. She participated as a visiting professor and lecturer at many conferences and renowned universities in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Ivo Baru was born in Bitola. Film direction graduated from the National Academy in Bucharest, Romania. After returning to Macedonia, he works as a director's assistant and as part of the organization of the International Film Festival "Manaki Brothers". He is the co-owner of the first cooperative for organic food "Dobra gzereja" and the founder of the independent initiatives, cultural programs and spaces: Autonomous Cultural Center in Skopje (AKSC); Debate cinema "Contra Kadar" in Bitola and Skopje; Social Center "Dunja", Skopje; Cooperative "Artikultura", Bitola. He is currently working in a bookstore and trying to find inner peace. He loves to play board games.

DARKO POPOV Born in 1979 in Skopje. He graduated from the Department of Production at FDU Skopje. Director of Focus Pocus Films. In 2011, he completed the EAVE workshop. He received his master's degree at the Department of Creative Production at FDU Belgrade. He wants to laugh, but it's getting harder and harder for him.

WORK EXPERIENCE: Producer and co-producer: M – feature film, 2023 SNOW WHITE DIES IN THE END – feature film, 2022 UNBAPTIZED DAYS - feature film, 2022 MY LAKE – feature film, 2020 VERA – short film, 2019 LEECHES – feature film, 2019 THEATER OF SKUPI – documentary film, 2019 YEAR OF THE MONKEY – feature film, 2017 PEPI AND MUTO – short film, 2015 THE CAVE – short feature film, 2014 TO THE TOP – TV Documentary, 2014 PUNK IS NOT DEAD – feature film, 2011 STATE OF SHOCK – feature film, 2011 DECISION – 8 min. educational film, 2010 Film director and organizer: JGAN – feature film, 2015 PETAR POP ARSOV (50') – TV documentary, 2014 THE HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF THE OPPOSITION... (4 ep. of 50') – TV series, 2014 THE CIVIL WAR IN GREECE (50') – TV documentary, 2014 CHURCHILL AND MACEDONIA (50') – TV documentary, 2014 D SKOPJE – omnibus, 2009 NORMAL (ANGEL'S GONE) – feature film, 2008 HOME – documentary film, 2007 EAST, WEST, EAST – feature film, 2008 MEMORIES – documentary film, 2004 Location Manager and Assistant Location Manager: A FOND – feature film, 2015 ROMANCE IN THE DARK – feature film, 2008 TEMPTATION – short film, 2007 TIME OF THE COMET – feature film, 2007 SHADOWS – feature film, 2006 MME... Who Began First – TV Series, 2002 Production assistant and costume department coordinator: THE THIRD HALF – feature film, 2012 BAL KHAN KHAN – feature film, 2003 MULTILEVEL – TV Movie, 1999 Transport Manager: BALKAN NINNISI - TV series, 2022 THE WITNESS - feature film, 2014 TO BALCHAK – feature film, 2014 ABOUT THE BALKANS – TV series, 2012



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