Transmission - Best Ecology Film

The jury for category "Best Ecology Film'' this year: Frosina Pandurska-Dramikjanin, Danka Uzunova, Aleksandar Pavlov and Arta Starova, all of them members in Macedonian Ecological Society made this decision:

Transmission - Best Ecology Film


Most ecological movies heavily focus on human intervention in wildlife as catastrophic, but Minsky gives us a point of view that human involvement is sometimes necessary albeit complicated. The harmonious element of human-nature relationships in current times is not devoid of complexity. The movie shines a light on the unavoidable need in present day ecology to incorporate a muti-disciplinary approach to solutions- from biologists and sheep farmers to elected officials who have the power to pass effectives laws and legislations. Action-packed scenes of a helicopter transporting bighorn sheep alongside the Fraser River fill the screen, with volunteers and biologists acting fast to test the animals, hooking the viewer with painful revelations or relieving breaths of hope. Finally, Minsky does well with the ending by showcasing a light at the end of the tunnel as fruit of the labor and hard choices made throughout the film. 




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