Echo Mountain Film Festival 2014 - Winners

1.Best Feature Film


Like a winter version of the stories of Robinson Crusoe and the Blue Lagoon. Perhaps the theme (as far as mountains are concerned) makes it atypical mountain film, but it has a pronounced environmental dimension with a fluent narrative structure. The value of this film is that it interprets the adventure as a goal rather than uncertainty. The excellent visual and musical bond and synergy, enable true enjoyment for the viewers.



2.Best Medium-Length Film


Because of the influence of the film in the education and almost historical meaning for the climbing in these regions, because of the noble, subtle and unassuming stylization. Film story told by the people whose curiosity transforms into love and passion. Important cinematic achievement in every respect.



3.Best Short Film


Brave, real, honest. Expressed with musical dictionary, this film is a miniature about the men, fugue about the endurance and a requiem about the challenge. Or collectively – this film is an opera about the nature as a creation of the chaos.  



4.Special Mention Award


This film contains the elementary attributes of the documentaristics, from the very first to the very last scene. Nurturing the humanistic dimension of the story, the film, in a warm and sensitive manner stresses the friendship, perseverance and altruism in their magnificent forms. Superior directing and extraordinary profiled characters of the ordinary people who become heroes… almost invisible, but present. A film about life as a simple but magnificent creation.



Echo Mountain Film Festival 2014 - Members of the Jury

Borjan Zafirovski

Igor Angelkov 

Vlatko Galevski



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