„House of the Gods“, Matt Pycroft, UK, 44’

The great northern prow of Mount Roraima soars from the depths of the Amazon rainforest like the prow of a gigantic ship. Shrouded in cloud, drenched by torrential rain and guarded by vertical jungle, deep mud and overhanging cliffs, local legend has it that only those of pure soul will ever see the summit of Mount Roraima.

The inspiration to Arthur Conan Doyle’s, The Lost World and the Disney/Pixar's animated movie UP!, House of the Gods follows Leo Houlding and team on their real world quest through 100km of untracked jungle, into a unique slime forest and up the desperately steep cliff.


Do they have what it takes not only to reach that summit but to share the climb with their indigenous jungle guides and young climbing partner on her first expedition?




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