“Connecting flights”, Nicolas Brixle, Germany, 19’, 2023

Three passionate paraglider pilots have set out to cross the Balkans by bike and explore them by air. While the locals give them a warm welcome, the weather threatens to disrupt their alpine flight plans more than once.

Since their first flying lesson, Nicolas Brixle and Philipp Wiedmann have been in the air together. In order to take off even far away from their local mountains, the two decide to cycle from Bosnia to Greece with their paraglider packed - together with their friend Luggi Bröll. It soon becomes clear that gravel roads in the Balkans have little in common with those in the Alps. The bike trip through wild parts of the country not only connects the flights with each other, but also brings the three friends together with the locals in funny ways. In all the socializing, however, the dream of flying from the mountain of the gods recedes into the distant future when a bad weather front announces itself. The decision to take on the physical challenge is quickly made - but the remaining distance is not to remain the only obstacle.



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