"ALIGNED - Between The Sea And The Sky", Sandra Lahnsteiner-Wagner, Austria, 2023, 35'

ALIGNED, Between The Sea And The Sky is a visually stunning and emotionally charged documentary that takes the audience on an awe-inspiring ski touring adventure in the majestic Lyngen Alps, high above the Arctic Circle.

Amidst the pristine wilderness, Austrians freeride skier and filmmaker Sandra Lahnsteiner-Wagner and fellow skier and mountain guide David Widauer set forth on an extraordinary quest: skiing under Northern Lights.

The film beautifully captures the raw and authentic journey of the two friends and ski guides, navigating the challenges and unpredictability of the Arctic weather in this remote and untouched landscape. Facing moments of failure, their resilience is put to the test, transforming ALIGNED into a heartfelt homage to the unwavering human spirit and the relentless pursuit of dreams.

Set against the backdrop of the Lyngen Alps’ breathtaking beauty, the documentary celebrates the profound connection between nature and human ambition, igniting a sense of wonder and inspiration in the hearts of viewers. Sandra’s immersive, authentic, and lively voiceover effortlessly draws the audience into the adventure, blending determination, humor and passion for the mountains and skiing.

ALIGNED, Between The Sea And The Sky is a great fusion of adventure, artfully encapsulating the essence of being aligned with one’s dreams, nature, and the magical allure of the Northern Lights. Through triumphs and setbacks, Sandra and David’s journey exemplifies the strength of human will and the serenity that awaits those who dare to venture Between The Sea And The Sky.



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