"ZMT in 2 days" - Igor Jovanovski and Zhikica Ivanovski


It's very nice when a Project (with a capital "P") takes shape in our Macedonian mountains, which will keep us in focus, in training, awake tonight late at night - making plans, looking at maps for it... Challenge for which we will not have peace until its realization? The Western Macedonian Transversal (ZMT) is growing into such a project and challenge, especially for lovers of mountain running, who are no longer only thinking about "passing it", but also to do it faster .

The presentation of Igor Jovanovski and Zhikica Ivanovski will be on that topic:

"ZMT in 2 days"

After several unsuccessful attempts to pass the Western Macedonian Transversal at high speed and in one breath, 2023 finally opens as a success for Zikica and Igor from Trex. Although the beginning is stormy and unstable, the team manages to pass the Shar Mountain and after a good rest continue to Ohrid Lake with the finish in just two days.



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