Presentation by Silvo Karo: “40 YEARS AN ALPINIST”

Silvo Karo: “40 YEARS AN ALPINIST”

A member of the rock and roll generation who brought energy and rhythm to mountain faces all over the world. Commitment, boldness, enthusiasm, and an honest friendship produced the Three Musketeers: Franček Knez, Janez Jeglič, and Silvo Karo. The big walls of Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, Torre Egger, and Bhagirathi were the milestones of his career, which combined Himalayan giants and 8a sport climbing. He followed the trends of cutting-edge alpinism, resulting in a strong affinity for climbing in a light-and-fast style. His path took him from the analog 1970’s to the fast-paced life of the new millennium, from rural countryside to brutal Patagonian storms, endless Himalayan expanses, Karakoram granite spires, Indian monsoons, Yosemite big walls, and the beautiful Julian Alps.



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