Superior: Leave nothing behind

It is more than obvious that, as mountain and nature lovers, in addition to happy memories, we carry with us the packaging of the products we consume, until the first trash can we encounter. But that is not where the footprints of our decisions end.

We applaud the "Leave nothing behind" initiative launched by Superior, a Skopje-based company which produces flexible packaging solutions, the type of packaging that keeps the food we procure wrapped and safe, while allowing us to take it wherever we go. As a company with tradition but also a progressive approach to sustainability, Superior encourages its partners to choose packaging made from recyclable materials. As packaging manufacturers for bread, coffee, frozen foods, liquids, snacks, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and agricultural products, and other consumer sectors, they express the responsibility they feel through efforts to raise awareness throughout the packaging industry value chain. They say: "Flexible packaging saves both food and the planet for later."

How exactly does the packaging of food and cosmetics we use affect the life of the planet? Simply put, the longer the life cycle of a packaging, the longer nature is preserved as we enjoy it most.
And how can we help achieve that? By circulating through 4 simple principles: choosing sustainable materials, consuming, separating and recycling.

While the shape and format of flexible packaging precisely adapts to the volume of the product it packs, end consumers are the ones who have the power to tailor their choices to what is most sustainable for natural resources. What are the good news?

What is better for the planet is better for the average consumer!
That is, flexo solutions not only reduce costs and energy consumption to a minimum, but also cost less compared to alternatives. According to a CE-FLEX report, foils, bags, pouches and other forms of flexible packaging package more than 40% of food products in Europe, while in total they use only 10% of the available packaging materials! In addition, they are up to 60% lighter than alternative solutions, thus reducing transportation costs and contributing least to the creation of landfills. Not to mention they let us carry nuts, fruits, protein bars and energy gels in nature, lightening up both our moods and our backpacks. ☺

Superior’s initiative follows CE-FLEX's circular economy guidelines, which promote awareness-raising and infrastructural development for fully circular flexible packaging management, from production, to consumption, waste management, and production of secondary materials. They choose prevention over dealing with the damage. What you can do is choose packaging that is recyclable and carefully designed to not cost you and the planet too much.



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