Film jury of EHO 13' / 2022

Dear audience, We present to you the members of the jury, which will announce the winners of the film program, in most competition categories of this year's 13th edition of Eho Mountain Film Festival:

Maja Muhic is a professor of cultural studies and cultural anthropology at the University of Southeast Europe. She received her doctorate in philosophy in Skopje, and her master's degree in cultural anthropology at the University of Cambridge, England, as well as gender studies and culture in Budapest. In her academic career, she also stayed at other renowned universities such as the University of Santa Barbara and Berkeley, California. She has published many papers in philosophical and anthropological journals in the fields of post-colonial theory, identity politics, multicultural theories and intercultural competences. She participated as a visiting professor and lecturer at many conferences and renowned universities in Europe, Asia and the USA.

In addition to her academic career, Maya is deeply committed and draws her creativity and inspiration from nature and the many sports (hiking, alpinism, ski touring/snowboarding, kite surfing) she has been involved in for years. She has climbed Mont Blanc, Ararat, Damavand, Gros Glockner, Marmolada, Triglav, and she considers the Shar mountain Massif the gravitational center of her soul. He has climbed many alpine routes throughout Macedonia, 1000 meter verticals in Slovenia, the incredible Dolomites and many more localities in the region. Also deeply committed to ski touring/snowboarding, she has climbed and skied remote and incredible lines.

A lover of cinematography, she also participated in debates, jury and discussions at several film events.


Goran Ilija Trpchevski born in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.

After completing primary and secondary education, in the period from 1990 to 1996, he intensively engaged in photography and television recording. First as a cameraman in the Macedonian Television, and since 1994 as a television cameraman in the Sitel Television. He graduated from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts - FDU in Skopje, at the Department of Film and TV Camera, in 2000, after which he worked as an assistant in the Department of Film and TV Recording, and from September 2010 as Assistant Professor of Film and TV Recording and Photography. In May 2010, he defended his Master's thesis at FDU in Belgrade, R. Serbia and acquires the academic title "Graduate theoretician of the second degree of graduate academic studies in the field of theory of dramatic arts and media - MASTER" In September 2011, he was elected Associate Professor in the subjects of Film and TV Recording and Photography. Between 2011 and 2015, he was appointed Vice-Dean of the UKIM Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Skopje, and from October 2013 until today he is the head of the Department of Film and TV Recording.

Since September 2019, he has been re-appointed as Vice-Dean for teaching at UKIM Faculty of Dramatic Arts - Skopje, and for the entire past period he has been actively teaching the courses Film and TV Recording and Photography. He regularly participates in international scientific and artistic conferences, international film festivals, a member of the jury of international documentary film festivals, commissions for the defense of bachelor's and master's theses, as well as working as a cinematographer on more than 25 documentary and short feature films, as well as a producer of 3 short feature films.

Last and not least, he is a big fan of mountains, hiking that is. of nature in general in all seasons. He began to deal with alpinism and rock climbing in 2018, and among the more important climbs he singles out the ascent of the Ochnjak peak in Prokletije, Montenegro in September 2018, along the South ridge in alpine style with Blagoj Milenkov and Dancho Markovski.


Radovan Petrovic is an editor and graduate director who has been working and living in Skopje, Macedonia for more than 15 years.

As an editor, he has been signed on ten short films, several documentaries, one feature film and one TV series. He is the director of five short feature films that have active festival distribution and have been awarded at festivals in Macedonia and abroad, as well as episodes of feature and documentary TV series. He is currently working on his debut feature film.

Radovan is a lover of nature and mountains, he has climbed most of the mountain peaks in Macedonia.



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