„From a child’s dream, to the World Cup” - Sanja Spasovska

„From a child’s dream, to the World Cup” -Sanja Spasovska

We enjoy the mountains 365 days of the year – when they are full of green color, but also, when they are white. And exactly for these moments, for enjoying them and self-transcending in them when they are white, Sanja Spasovska will tell us about her story this year on Echo:


“A dream that started when I was on my father’s shoulders, while skiing on the slopes of Bistra mountain – this is the moment when I fell in love with the mountains, the snow and the irreplaceable nature that we have.
A wish to do something in our sport – something that has never been achieved for our country, has been and still is the main inspiration and driving force for me - to be better each day, in my everyday activities and in my sport too.
The path from our small local ski centers, into the big arena  - shoulder to shoulder with the best world athletes on the World championship of alpine snowboarding…”



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