„Socially useful Alpinism in Ohrid way” -Antonio Dodevski

Socially useful Alpinism in Ohrid way”
-Antonio Dodevski

Alpinism is a complex activity that requires full commitment, and people who engage in alpinism are forced to adapt and connect their daily responsibilities with their alpinism. Whether it is for lofty sporting goals or involvement in community development, climbers who get involved and do so must be fully committed, because otherwise, failure is certain.

 Such a passion, to do something with one's whole being, makes climbers individuals with a specific character, which, combined with skills, often represents a solution to a large number of social needs. If we look around a bit, we will see many situations, where mountaineering skills are key to achieving high efficiency in various activities, such as special army and police units, complex construction activities, up to designing and construction of tourist infrastructure, such as adventure parks, Via Ferratas, etc.

 A small community od alpinists from Ohrid is a practical example of this, and the persistence of these people and their complete dedication will show us that with strong enthusiasm and "alpinist stubbornness", even the most impossible missions are possible in the time and space that surrounds us.

 Through this presentation, Antonio Dodevski will tell us about the first ecologically self-sustaining Mountain House "Spiridon", about the Via Ferrata "Dobroja" and the new adventure zone in NP Galichica, about the Mountain Rescue Service at the Red Cross Ohrid, as well as about many more current and future projects of AC Patagonia from Ohrid…



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