The winning films of ECHO Mountain Film Festival 2022

We thank Goran Ilija Trpcevski, Maja Muhic and Radovan Petrovic - members of the main jury. Below are the winners:


"White dream", Mathieu Le La, France, 52' - Grand Prix

A beautiful visual and deep emotional journey through a completely different dimension. A film made with such precision and perfection that just like Jeremy Willett's photographs, there is simply nothing to take away from it.


"The Sanctity of Space", Renan Ozturk/Freddie Wilkinson, USA, 106' - Best Feature Film

Parallel stories of a lifetime of climbing achievements on one side and a climbing project on the other, linked by a single black and white photograph. The dramaturgical management of the stories, as well as the complete production effort, make the film a unique visual and editing unit, whose narrative concludes with the search for the truth according to Aristotle... "The search for the truth is difficult in one way, and easy in another, because it is obvious that no one can completely master it or completely miss it. But each adds a little to our knowledge of nature, and from all the facts collected there arises a certain magnificence."


"Life after the accident", Hannah Taylor, USA, 2021, 87' – Best Feature - Special Mention

A brutally honest, disturbing intersection of human complexity and the power to adapt to big, unexpected changes.


"Connection", Nick Kowalski, New Zealand, 2022, 30' - Best Mountaineering Film

Because of documenting a gigantic undertaking in climbing New Zealand's highest peaks in one breath, executed with exceptional modesty, tenacity and passion for truly unspoiled landscapes beyond the hustle and bustle.


"Freerider", Jerome Thanon, France, 2022, 35' - Best Short Film

The movie Free rider stands out from the well-known movie snowy landscapes because of the specific ironic author's language, taking the right to use it we will say that the director must have well-brushed teeth.


"The Fire of Love", Sara Dossa, USA, 2022, 93' – Best Culture & Nature Film

An amazing visual fairy tale by director Sara Dosa, who through archival materials manages to bring to life the indescribable in terms of love and passion.


"Daulagiri is my Everest", Pavol Barabash, Slovakia, 2021, 64' – Best Climbing Film

A life story of self-discovery, of physical existence with purpose, climbing Himalayan peaks along new routes, until life strikes back... when there is no particular destination, you are never late, and you are never lost. You are always exactly where you need to be. At such a moment, the spiritual awakening of the protagonist takes place, which leads him to change his way of life, and the pure alpine style of climbing becomes a lesson for a pure style of living. Extraordinary visual documentation with an abundance of archival materials, assembled into a unique narrative experience.



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