The Dragon's Tail - Patagonia 2015-2016 Expedition

The Dragontail - Patagonia 2015-2016 Expedition

At the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, four Bulgarian alpinists, Martin Marovski, Viktor Varoshkin, Grigor Vtev and Ruslan Vakrilov, spent two months in the Patagonian Andes, with aim to climb some of the most iconic summits in the world of technical alpinism. After a month of fighting with bad weather, during the last month of their expedition, they eventually made the first Bulgarian climb to the top of the Poincenot and also to the pearl of the Patagonian crown - the Cerro Torre.

Beside these 2 climbs, Martin Marovski and Viktor Varoshkin also made a first ascent through the vertical faces of the El Mocho needle - an ascent for which the received international recognition.

During "Echo", Martin, Viktor, Grishita and Rus, with their photos, will make a presentation about what does it really mean to climb on the Patagonian summits, throught constant battle with the unstable weather and unpredictable winds.

The Program of this year Echo will be published on October 10.



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